Temporarily Disable “Hey Siri” On iPhone, iPad


Apple’s Siri has experienced a major overhaul in iOS 10. With “Hey Siri” command getting tasks done by Siri has become much easier. However, at times you don’t want Siri to get activated by itself even if “Hey Siri” is said. Did you know that you can temporarily disable “Hey Siri” in iOS without disabling “Hey Siri” ? Here’s how you can-

This Is How You Temporarily Disable “Hey Siri” On iPhone

Remember, you will be temporarily able to disable “Hey Siri” command only when you have activated “Hey Siri ” command on iPhone, iPad.

To enable “Hey Siri” on iOS 

Launch “Settings” App on iPhone, iPad.

Tap on “General” and go to “Siri”.

To temporarily disable “Hey Siri” command simply put your iPhone screen flat on its face with the screen down. When you put your iPhone screen down it will not activate “Hey Siri” even if you say “Hey Siri” knowingly.

temporarily disable "hey siri"

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This easy Siri trick of putting iPhone flat on its face will help you to disable Siri temporarily. No need to disable Siri by going to the “Settings” on iPhone, iPad. This trick will come handy when you are on meeting with your clients or working with multiple iOS devices.

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