How To Update Facebook Status via Anything


Facebook is used by millions of users every day to update their status and to check Facebook Status of their friends. You might have seen many of your friends updating their Facebook Status via iPhone 5S, Android, Blackberry, Alien Spacecraft, Mc Donalds. How can anyone update Facebook Status via anything?

You might find your friends updating Facebook Status via Mc Donalds or Alien Spacecraft irritating or funny! However, there is a simple trick which lets you to update Facebook Status via anything. Read, on the trick to update your Facebook Status through any device or literally through anything.

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Update Facebook Status via Anything

1. Log in to your Facebook Account from any browser.

2. Open a New Tab from the same browser and open a site FbStatusVia. The site will enable you to update Facebook Status via anything.

3. In the Homepage of the site, you will see a long list through which you can update Facebook Status.

Update Facebook Status Anything

4. Select the thing through which you want to post Facebook Status.

5. After you have selected, you will get a pop-up window “Post to Facebook”, provided you have already logged in to your Facebook Account, if not, you will get a prompt to log in to Facebook.

6. Post Facebook Status by typing on the pop-up window as shown below.

Update Facebook Status Anything.1

7. Your Facebook Status will get updated via the thing which you have selected. I selected to post via Angry Birds, my favorite game!

Go ahead and update Facebook Status via Anything. Enjoy 🙂


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