How to Backup and Restore Apple Watch Data Easily


Taking a backup of your smartphones, tablets, laptops and computers is needed to keep your data secure in case you lose your device or it crashes. If you have recently bought Apple Watch and looking forward to take a backup of Apple Watch and restore settings, check out the guide below.

How to backup Apple Watch

Apple Watch automatically creates a backup when you unpair Apple Watch with iPhone. When you unpair Apple Watch from your iPhone the data from your Apple Watch will be erased but your data will be secure in your iPhone. The backup includes settings for mail, language, general settings, health and fitness settings, settings of apps and more.

backup and restore apple watch data

How To Download and Install Apple Watch Software Update on Apple Watch

How To Unpair your Apple Watch and iPhone

1. You will have to keep your Apple Watch and iPhone close together.

2. Launch the Apple Watch app on your iPhone.

3. Now, Tap on my My Watch and then tap on Apple Watch.

4. Tap to unpair Apple Watch.

5. Tap once more to confirm.

How To Restore Apple Watch

If you want to restore Apple Watch after creating a backup. Read on.

1. Launch the Apple Watch App on your iPhone.

2, Now, Tap on “Start Pairing”.

3. Choose the option “Restore from Backup”.

4. Confirm which backup which you want to select.

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