Best Halloween Apps For iPhone, iPad 2016


Halloween is around the corner and is the time for trick or treat, scary movies and much more. If your kids love Halloween, get your family in the Halloween mood with these Halloween Apps for iPhone, iPad 2016.

Best Halloween Apps For iPhone, iPad 

Halloween app for iphone 2016

1.  The Magician’s Handbook: Cursed Valley 

The Magician’s Handbook: Cursed Valley is one of the best Halloween apps by G5 Entertainment free for a limited time. In this game, you will have to find hidden objects in the dark and mysterious Cursed Valley by using the fabled Magician’s Handbook. The game has 13 levels,  2 Gameplay modes, 12 mini-games and unlimited replays.


2.  Return of the Zombie King

In Return of the Zombie King, you are a platformer runner and will have to upgrade yourself to the king of the land by finding your body parts. You are a sad bag of bones and you will have to upgrade to a vengeful King by crossing 100 Levels across 4 environments. The Halloween game tons of upgrades, enemies, obstacles and much more. If you have a device running on iOS 5.1.1 no worries, start playing Return of the Zombie King. Return of the Zombie King is a paid Halloween App for iPhone, iPad.


3. Halloween!

Get into Halloween mood with this amazing all-in-one free app for iPhone, iPad. The app features a Halloween countdown timer, Flashlight, ringtones, Halloween costume ideas, and trivia. Halloween! by Schatzisoft is one of the must have Halloween apps in 2016.


4. Carve-a-Pumpkin

Carve a virtual Pumpkin with your kids without a knife! You get to choose from five different pumpkin styles, make your design or choose a design from the library. Write a message and share your creation of carved Pumpkin with friends. Carve-a-Pumpkin requires iOS 4 and above to work and is available for a free download for iPhone, iPad.


5. Halloween Junior

Looking for a Halloween game for toddlers? Halloween Junior by Jan Essig is the right game for Halloween for kids under 7 years of age. Your kids will enjoy playing tic tac toe, whack-a-monster, thimblerig or pumpkin says without any ads, no in-app purchases and more. Halloween Junior is priced under a dollar.


6. Disney Magic Kingdoms

Disney Magic Kingdoms by Gameloft has been updated for the Halloween season. The game has 4 new characters which includes Jack Skellington, Sally and Zero, new costumes, new quests , new decorations and much more. Haunted Mansion is the new attraction for the season.


7. WithMoji

Running your iPhone, iPad on iOS 10? Try this iMessage sticker app for Halloween. WithMoji you can create your own 3D avatar and send them directly from iMessage to your friends. The app contains newly added Halloween stickers and costumes such as  pirate, creepy doll, devil, zombie, vampire.

WithMoji is available for a free download.

Hoping that you will like these Halloween Apps for iPhone, iPad 2016.  Get ready for Thanksgiving by downloading these iPhone Apps For Thanksgiving Dinner and Happy Thanksgiving wallpapers and Quotes!









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