Cosmic Watch App – Track Stars, Planets In Real Time


Do you miss those days when you could simply sit on your terrace at night and gaze at the stars? Well, city life gets busy if you have a smartphone you can get closer to cosmos virtually.

Cosmic-Watch app has been developed by Celestial Dynamics Ltd. and is based on Antikythera mechanism– Antikythera mechanism is an ancient mechanism found in a shipwreck used to calculate the movement of planets, stars and more.

The app lets you gaze at the stars in realtime, find locations of planets in the sky, see the position of the planets in the future or past.

Cosmic Watch co-founder Humbel says, “Cosmic Watch is the world’s first and most advanced interactive 3D astronomical time device in the digital age!

The Cosmic Watch app has three modes- World Clock (Time keeping), Astronomy (constellations and planets on your sky) and Astrology (astral chart). There is also Solar system mode which lets you see the position of Earth, Sun, and other planets.







With Cosmic Watch app, you can see the entire universe by just tapping your fingers. It has a huge database of 15’000 cities and big towns and you can save three locations.


Realtime world clock: Know the local time anywhere on Earth with just one touch.
Time travel: Explore any planetary positions in the past, present, and future. Determine the exact time of sunrise or sunset with the horizon.
Navigation: Align the Cosmic Watch with the cardinal points and experience your realtime position in the cosmos. Find the planets in the sky!
Orientation: With the equatorial coordinates you can adjust your telescope.
Digital orrery: Discover the solar system from a geocentric point of view.
Interactive astral chart: To find out your ascendant and planets in retrograde has never been easier and more beautiful.
Solar eclipse detector: Be aware when this epic moment will happen.

 Download Cosmic-Watch for iOS

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