How to Check iPhone Battery Life from Apple Watch

Want to check your iPhone battery from Apple Watch? Yep, you can easily check the battery life of your iPhone from the Apple Watch using a third party app.

Thanks goes to the developer Kelly Pangburn who has created a simple app which lets you to view your iPhone battery percentage from your Apple Watch.

How to Check iPhone Battery Life from Apple Watch

To check battery life of your iPhone from Apple Watch at first you will be required to download and install Battery Watcher app from the iOS App Store.

1. Download Battery Watcher for free from iOS App Store.

2. The app will be installed automatically on your Apple Watch.

3. To enable Battery Watcher, tap on the Apple Watch on your iPhone and then navigate to the options for Battery Watcher and toggle “Show App on Apple Watch” on. For gaining quick access to Battery Watcher, toggle “Show in Glances” on.

4. Launch the app on your iPhone and open Settings. In the Settings option of the app you can enable battery information which includes Internet, standby and talk time.

set up battery watch iphone

5. In your Apple Watch and open Battery Watcher app to check the battery percentage and other details.

check iphone battery apple watch

Battery Watcher is a free app which lets you to check iPhone battery from Apple Watch easily!

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