Disable Photo Geotagging on iPhone- How To


You must have noticed that the photos which you take from your iPhone can be tagged with location data which is known as Geotagging. This is done¬†through photos’ metadata¬†called EXIF which embeds the location information. With Geotagging you can easily sort your photos by location in which they were taken.

If you want to keep the location of your photos which you have visited as personal, you can turn off or disable geotagging on your iPhone. No need to add location to your photos each and every time you click.

Disable Or Turn Off Photo Geotagging on iPhone, iPad

Launch the Settings app on your iPhone and then scroll down to tap on “Privacy“.

disable geotagging iphone


Select Location Services.

select location services to disable geotagging

Select the Camera option.

select camera option

Tap on Never option.


tap never on camera option

By selecting “Never” your photos will not show the location, you can always change the settings later.

Disabling geotagging on camera will however not work with apps like Facebook, Instagram and others that have the permission to use your location.

If you are concerned about privacy on iPhone you can turn off frequent locations on iPhone. Don’t forget to check out iPhone Privacy and Security Settings in 2016.

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