Frequent Locations: You iPhone Keeps A Record Of Where You’ve Been


Are you concerned about Facebook Privacy? Did you know that your iPhone keeps a record of time and date of places you have visited and how many times you have visited a particular place? This is due to feature “Frequent Locations” in iPhone.

Frequent Locations keeps a track history of all the locations visited by you in a specific period. If you click on a locations in iPhone it will show you the list of time and dates of your visited places.

Phone Keeps A Record Of Where You’ve Been

If you don’t want your iPhone to keep a track of your locations, here’s how to turn off Frequent Locations in iPhone.

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How To Turn Off Frequent Locations in iPhone

Go to the “Settings” menu in your iPhone.

Scroll down to select “Privacy”.

Tap on “Location Services”.

Scroll down to the bottom and select “System Services”.

Scroll and tap on “Frequent Locations”.

frequent locations iphone

If your Frequent Locations is showing “Green” it means Frequent Locations is turned on.

You will find a list of location history.

Select “Clear History” and swipe the “Frequent Locations” tab to left to turn Off.

This is how you can keep your phone from tracking you by turning off Frequent Locations.

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