10 Ways to Make Your Old iPhone Work Faster

Is your old iPhone running slow and you are not eligible for iPhone upgrade? Did you know that the iPhone 6s 16 GB unlocked version is priced at $649 whereas unlocked 16 GB of iPhone 6s Plus will cost you $749.

If you using old iPhones such as iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 or iPhone 5S, here’s few tips which can make your old iPhone work faster.

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10 Ways to Make Your Old iPhone Work Faster

1. Delete or uninstall apps that take up lot of space

First thing which you can do is to delete unnecessary apps which are taking lot of space in your iPhone. To find how much space the apps are using-

Go to Settings >> general >> Usage >> Manage storage. You will find a list of apps and how much space they are taking.

Delete apps which are taking much of space and clear cache. Your iPhone will be less bloated with more of battery life and storage.

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2. Disable/Turn Off Background App Refresh

To disable/turn off background app refresh-

Launch the “Setting”s app on your iPhone or iPad >> Tap on “General” >> Choose “Background App Refresh” >> Turn it off completely.

3. Delete Old Photos

Delete unnecessary old photos and files to speed up your old iPhone. Take a backup of your photos and videos through iCloud and delete photos and videos as they take up lot of storage.

4. Clear Safari’s cache

Clear Safari cache to erase browser history, cookies and more. To clear Safari’s cache-

Go to Settings >> Safari >> Clear History >> tap on Clear Cookies and Data.

5. Disable Location Services

Location services uses GPS and can make your old iPhone run slow. Hence, by disabling location services you can speed up old iPhone.

Launch Settings app >> Tap on Privacy and toggle “Location Services” to Off.

6. Delete Old Text Messages

Your old text messages may be taking up a large amount of storage. Delete old threads and messages which you don’t require.

If you running iOS 8 or above. You can set your messages to be automatically deleted after 30 days. To do so-

Launch the Settings app >> Tap on Messages >> Go to Message History Section >> Keep Messages >> Tap on 30 days >> Confirm to delete.

7. Reduce Parallax Effect

If you are running iOS 7 and iOS 8 on your old iPhone, you can do away with the visual effects. To reduce the Parallax effect-

Go to Settings >> General >> Accessibility >> turn the “Reduce Motion” option on.

8. Restore iPhone

Try restoring your old iPhone to factory settings to fix the speed issue. Here’s how to restore iPhone-

Launch iTunes and connect your iPhone via USB cable.

Click on the iPhone icon.

Click on “Restore iPhone” in the “Summary section”

Choose to “back up” settings before restoring if you haven’t back up yet.

Click on Restore.

Wait for some time. Your iPhone will be restored as new.

9. Do Hard Reset

To do a hard reset, hold down the Power button and the Home button simultaneously until the iPhone shuts down and restarts again.

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10. Update iOS

Lastly, update to the latest iOS. Your OLD iPhone may be facing the issues because of the old the operating system.

To update your iPhone to the latest operating system, Go to Settings >> choose General >> Software update. Choose Download and Install.

By following the above mentioned ways you can sure make your old iPhone such as iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 or iPhone 5S work faster!

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