8 Ways To Fix Slow iPad And Improve Its Performance


A slow iPad can be really worrisome for users. If you are having an old model of iPad it might be working slow but sometimes newer models of iPad can also get slow with time.

If your iPad is running slow check out few effective ways to speed up your iPad. Fix iPad Charging Slow

Fix slow iPad


How To Fix Slow iPad 

1Clear the Cache on iPad

Cached files take a lot of space on your iPad and hence making it run slow over time. To speed up your iPad you will have to remove cache and junk files.

Clear The Safari cache

In the Settings app, tap Safari.

Now, choose Clear History and Website Data.

Tap on Clear History and Data of Safari.

This will remove your history, cookies and other browsing data making your Safari load faster.

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2. Delete Unused Apps on iPad 

Apps take up a lot of space storage, hence it is better to delete the apps which you don’t use. To do so-

Go to the Home screen of iPad.

Locate the app which you want to delete.

Tap on the icon of the app which you want to delete until all the icons start to wobble.

Tap on the  small cross  “x” which appears in corner of the app you want to delete.

Tap  “Delete” to delete the app.

To prevent re-syncing of deleted app to your iPad while connected to your Mac/PC via iTunes, you will have to remove the app from the Mac/PC also.

Launch iTunes on Mac/PC

In the iTunes Store, click on Library at the top of the screen

Select Apps from the drop down menu.

Find the icon of the app which you want to delete right-click to Delete.


3.  Disable Background App Refresh

Background app refresh if enabled decreases the performance of your iPad. Disable background app refresh by following the procedure mentioned below-

Go to the “Settings” and tap on “General”

Locate “Background App Refresh” and turn the feature to the OFF.


4.  Turn OFF Spotlight

The Spotlight feature lets you search for anything on your iPad which includes music, apps, contacts and more from the Home screen. The Spotlight feature if turned on can make your iPad slow as has to keep an index to each and every item on your iPad.

Launch the “Settings” app and go to  “General”

Tap on “Spotlight Search” and set all the Search Results items to Off.


5.  Enable Reduce Motion

To boost up your iPad turn off visual effects.

Tap Settings  and then General 

Go to Accessibility and then to Reduce Motion and set Reduce Motion to On.


6.  Clear RAM on iPad 

Your iPad should be unlocked.

Press the power button until the “Slide to Power Off” screen appears.

Press the Home button for five seconds.

iPad RAM will be cleared.


7. Update iOS

Make sure that you have installed the latest iOS update on your iPad. To update your device to the latest iOS version, go to Settings >> General >> Software Update and install the latest iOS update.


8. Restart iPad 

Try to restart your iPad to see if it solves your issue

To restart your iPad, press Home, and Power/Sleep buttons simultaneously and hold for at least 10 seconds and turn on again.

Hoping by following the above-mentioned ways you will be able to fix slow iPad issue. Have you played Strategy Games For iPad?



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