Safari Running Slow On iPhone, iPad – How To Speed Up


Are you facing Safari running slow in iPhone, iPad? Safari is no doubt the most popular browser for iPhone users due to its speed and security reasons. However, Safari browser on iPhone can be really slow at times. Have you faced Safari crashing on iPhone, iPad?

Many users who have updated to iOS 10 beta are also experiencing  Safari running slow on iPhone. iOS 10 will be released for public this fall and it is expected that Apple will fix the issue.

If Safari is running slow on your iPhone, iPad and you are looking forward to some tips to speed up Safari on iPhone, read on.

Speed Up Safari On iPhone, iPad

1.  Clear History And Data

Launch the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad.

Tap on Safari.

Tap on Clear History and Website Data.

Safari running slow on iPhone

Tap on Clear History and Data.

clear safari history iphone

2. Disable Background App Refresh

Disable background app refresh can fix Safari running slow on iPhone, iPad.

Launch the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad.

Tap on General.

Tap on Background App Refresh.  Toggle it Off.

Disable Background App Refresh



3. Disable JavaScript

If you are still facing issues with Safari on iPhone, why not try disabling JavaScript on Safari and see if it fixes Safari slow issue. Remember, if you disable JavaScript on Safari some interactive elements may not work properly on websites you visit.

Launch the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad.

Tap on Safari.

Tap on Advanced by scrolling down.

Disable JavaScript option.

Disable Javascripy

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4.  Clear Safari Tabs

Don’t keep all the tabs open in Safari unnecessarily, it will slow down the browser in iPhone.

Launch Safari on your iPhone, iPad.

Tap and hold Tabs icon on the right side bottom.

Close all the Tabs by tapping on cross  (x) icon.

Close Safari Tabs


5Reset Network Settings

Speed up Safari by resetting Network Settings on iPhone.

Tap on “Settings”

Select “General”

Tap on “Reset”.

Select “Reset All Settings”

Tap button to “Reset All Settings”.

Reset Network Settings

By following the above-mentioned tips you will be able to fix Safari running slow on iPhone, iPad for sure!



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