Find Misplaced iPhone Using Apple Watch


Are you among those who has a bad habit of forgetting where you put your iPhone or misplacing iPhone? No worries, find your misplaced iPhone using Apple Watch.

“Find My iPhone” works well for locating a missing iPhone if it has got stolen or if you misplaced. To use Find My iPhone you will have to log into iCloud and locate your missing iPhone by playing a sound.

However, now, If you own Apple Watch, you can use use it to find your missing iPhone. Read on, how to find your missing or misplaced iPhone using Apple Watch.

apple watch

The Apple Watch uses the Wi-Fi or the approximately 300-foot Bluetooth connection between your iPhone and Apple Watch to find misplaced iPhone.

Find Misplaced iPhone Using Apple Watch

1. Click the Digital Crown to go to watch face (in case, you are not already there.)

2. Swipe up on the watch face to bring up Glances.

find iphone using apple watch

3. Now, you will need to swipe all the way to the left to the Settings glance. There you will find a ping option-iPhone with audio lines.

4. Tap on that.

Your iPhone will make loud sounds even if in silent mode. Go on tapping few more times till you are able to find your iPhone.

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