Top 5 Free Gmail Plugins for Successful Salespeople


As someone who does a lot of work involving sales, I rely on Google products for many tasks. I find they integrate perfectly into my daily life. Even if you aren’t involved in sales, you should consider these top 5 free Gmail plugins for successful salespeople because they help you stay organized and connected.

Stay Connected And Organized With These Free Gmail Plugins seems like a good place to start, as you’re likely getting plenty of subscription emails clogging your inbox. works by finding these subscriptions and offering you the chance to unsubscribe with a simple click.


There’s another handy feature to This feature allows you to condense all of the subscriptions into a single daily email. You even have control over when the email arrives, which is great for people who like to read emails as soon as they arrive.

best free Gmail plugins for salespeople


Every list of the best free Gmail plugins needs to include Boomerang.


Everyone, from every profession, finds themselves needing to remind themselves to send a follow-up email – or request a follow-up email. With how many emails you get each day, it’s only natural that some will slip through and be forgotten.


Boomerang allows you to schedule reminders about sending follow-up emails. You can also schedule a reminder for if a recipient doesn’t respond, allowing you to send another email. Boomerang is used typically to schedule emails. Consider a situation where you receive an email – and you want to respond to it – but you don’t want to look too eager. You also don’t want to forget to respond, though. Boomerang allows you to schedule for the response email to be sent after a set amount of time.


Boomerang is also great for following up a meeting. There are lots of uses for this handy tool.

If you’ve found yourself wondering how many times – if at all – a recipient has opened your email then is the solution for you. It keeps you updated with information about the emails you’ve sent, allowing you to gauge the interest of the recipient.


If someone opens a sales email, then it doesn’t necessarily mean they are ready to become a customer. They could have opened it by accident, or perhaps they had a mild interest. If someone were to open your email five times in one hour, however, that would be a pretty clear indication they were interested.



The service is pretty similar to Mailtrack in that users can track when emails are opened, but one of the best features of it is how easy it makes storing and retrieving canned responses.


There’s no doubt you find yourself writing the same email time and time again. The only thing you change is the name of the recipient. Yesware makes it much easier to respond to emails by removing the need to write out each and every email. There are some limitations on the free version, but paid versions of Yesware are affordable.

NetHunt CRM

Plugin for Google Chrome which can organize your Google inbox and help salespeople to manage customers. It’s a CRM for Gmail that can enhance your inbox with live collaboration.


Charlie App

There are plenty of great reasons to contact people you haven’t acquainted yourself with yet. Maybe you have talked to someone, but you’re interested in learning more about them. Either way, App is the app for you. Charlie App gives you a simple and easy report on a person.


It uses your social data to find the information that you and the prospect have in common. Charlie App also provides you with a news report relevant to the company they work with, or about their individual achievements. It also connects you to all of their profiles.


It provides a great way to discover talking points for making that all-important first connection. Charlie App gives you a report based on the name provided, or the meetings entered into it with the email address of your prospect.


Charlie App is so useful in terms of sales because it sends the report an hour before the meeting. So not only do you get important information for the meeting, but you also get a reminder about the meeting!


Free users can generate five reports a month for free, and there are paid versions that offer more.


What free Gmail plugins do you use? Let us know in the comments!

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