8 Best iPhone 6S Tips And Tricks You Should Now


You have recently purchased shiny iPhone 6s for yourself and can’t wait to go through its features. Listed below are some of the best iPhone 6s tips and tricks.

iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus comes with new features which includes  3D TouchLive Photos , Peek and pop gesture and much more.

iPhone 6s tips and tricks

Best iPhone 6S Tips And Tricks

1. Live Photos 

Apple has introduced Live Photos feature to iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus which lets users  to capture audio along with images in the background creating GIF images.

Did you know that you can use these live photos as the lock screen wallpapers on your iPhone 6s. To set a live photo as your lock screen wallpaper launch the Photos app and find the image which you want to use. Now, tap the share button and select “Set as Wallpaper”. When you tap hard on the screen, it will show you the animated image on the screen.

Live Photos option is turned on by default. If you are worried about space simply turn off Live Photos option by tapping on the camera app.


2. Summon Siri by Voice 

With iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus you no longer have to plug-in and charge your device to listen to “Hey Siri” voice command. Now, you can say “Hey Siri” anytime anywhere to activate Siri on your iPhone.

To set it up go to the Settings app >> General >> Siri and  ‘Allow “Hey Siri”’ option on.


3. Enable And Record 4K Videos

The iPhone 6s comes with 12 camera which is capable of recording 4K Ultra HD video. The qaulity of the videos are no doubt fantastic but they also take up too much of space.

If you have recently bought iPhone 6s and looking up to record 4K Ultra HD video right away, you will have to change your device settings. Remember that by default 4K videos are not activated.

Launch the Settings App >> Tap Photos & Camera >> tap Record Video under the Camera option >> Tap 4K at 30 fps.

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4.  Peek an Pop 

The 3D Touch has introduced a new way to interact with our phone.

If you touch the screen of iPhone 6s lightly it will perform one action while pressing the screen with force will perform another. The Peek and Pop is one of the functionality of this feature.

If you have received a webpage link from someone you can  press hard on it to ‘peek’ at it and if you want to open the link or copy press it harder.


5. Turn Keyboard into a trackpad

Are you aware that you can convert the keyboard on your iPhone 6s into a trackpad for selecting texts? With 3D Touch feature you can turn your iPhone 6s keyboard into a trackpad and  can slide your finger to control the cursor.

Press hard anytime on the screen while you are writing on the keyboard to enable the cursor and select the text by dragging your finger.


6. Switch Apps with 3D Touch

With iPhone 6s you no more need to double press the home button to switch apps.  Press hard on the left-hand edge of  display and slide to the center to launch the app switcher.


7. Take a quick Selfie

Want to take a quick selfie with your friends using your iPhone 6s? Press hard on the Camera icon and select “Take Selfie” option.


8. Find Way to home quickly

Quick Actions Menu is one of the addition to the 3D Touch feature. Find driving directions back home by pressing on the Apple Maps icon on your home screen. It will bring up four options, tap on “Directions Home” to find way to home quickly.


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