Here Are The First 5 Things You Should Try On Your iPhone X


Priced at $1000 iPhone X is the most expensive iPhone till now. iPhone X loads tons of new features including FaceID, TrueDepth front-facing camera, Animoji. iPhone X stock is limited if you are the lucky one who has got hold of the new shiny device, here is a list of things which you can on iPhone X from setting up FaceID, taking a selfie using Portrait Mode, sending Animoji and much more.

5 First Things to Try On iPhone X


1. Set Up FaceID On iPhone X

FaceID is one the revolutionary features of iPhone X. FaceID not only helps to securely unlock your iPhone X, you can also make physical payments easily. Setting up FaceID on iPhone X is easy, before setting up FaceID make sure that nothing is covering the TrueDepth camera or your face and hold your Phone X at least 10-20 inches away from your face.

Launch Settings app on your iPhone X.

Tap on Face ID & Passcode and enter your passcode when prompted.

Now, tap Set Up Face ID and position your face in front of your iPhone and tap to Get Started.

Now, look straight into your iPhone and place your face inside the frame.

Slowly move your head to complete the circle.

Once you are done with first Face ID scan, tap Continue.

Move your head to complete the circle for the second time.

When you have set up Face ID, tap Done.


2. Quick Start Feature

iOS 11 comes with a cool new feature Quick Start, if an older iPhone, iPad running iOS 11 you can easily transfer its content to new iPhone, iPad. To transfer content from your older iPhone to new iPhone X, just hold your new iPhone beside old iPhone and a card pops up on the screen which asks if you would like to transfer all the data to the new iPhone. Point the camera of your old iPhone to the new iPhone, enter your six-digit Passcode which you have used on your old iPhone to transfer content.

You will be taken through rest of the steps like enabling Touch ID/FaceID and your new iPhone will be set up just like old one. You will also prompt to backup your old device if not done recently. All your settings, passwords will be transferred to your new device. Update your old device to iOS 11 to transfer its content to new iPhone.


3. Create And Send Animoji On iPhone X

iPhone X is powered by a TrueDepth front camera, Animoji is an exclusive feature to iPhone X which lets users create and send animated emojis right from iMessage.

Launch the Messages app and start a new message, tap emoji logo from the left side of your screen and look straight on your iPhone X and keep your face within the frame. Animoji is one of the most addictive and coolest features which you should try on your iPhone X.


4. Ask Someone To Call You On iPhone X

iPhone X comes with an exclusive new ringtone “Reflection”. Reflection ringtone is really cool and how can you forget the classic ringtone Marimba of the original iPhone.

If you are not liking Reflection ringtone of your iPhone X you can always change that by going to Sound >> Settings>> Ringtone.

If you don’t have iPhone X you can still have Reflection ringtone on older iPhones.


5. Take A Selfie

iPhone X sports an improved 12 MP camera and 7 MP TrueDepth front camera for FaceID. The front camera of iPhone X lets you take beautiful selfies. The Portrait Mode of the camera is one of the most appreciated features on iPhone X which lets you take beautiful selfies by blurring the backgrounds of the photo.

The Portrait Lightning Mode comes with 5 preset filters – Natural Light, Studio Light, Stage Light, Contour Light and Stage Light Mono for taking selfies like a pro.

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You can do a lot more with your new iPhone X like playing Augmented Reality games, protecting your iPhone X with these tempered glass screen protectors for iPhone X and charging with wireless chargers for iPhone X.

Are you planning to get iPhone X for yourself? What are you going to try first on your iPhone X?

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