Trackmyfone Android Monitoring: In the Pursuit of a Real Smartphone Monitoring Software

The internet was never so fast before, nor were we connected online 24/7. But with smartphones and free Wi-Fi advent, everything has changed. The probability of something going wrong online is directly proportional to the time spent online because the chances that your kid might get confronted to some online harasser or pedophile rises as they are more time online. The need for smartphone monitoring these days is inevitable, more than ever.

Is your search finally over for the perfect smartphone monitoring app? For now, yes but for the future, you expect more. Install your kid’s Android devices with TrackMyFone Android monitoring app. Why? Because it helps you to control their devices, view storage data and even send certain commands to the target smartphone or tablet remotely.



Trackmyfone— A Trio, In the Price of One

Let me break down the components of this app. There is a GPS tracker, Phone logs Tracker, and a third party apps tracker. So basically, it’s a trio.

Let us turn to some brief explanation of what Trackmyfone can do for your kids online and offline protection.
You don’t have to refrain your kids from using their smartphones as per the “law of time spent online” earlier if you are watching over their activities like calls and SMS history, emails, internet browsing and phonebook entries (sums up the phone logs tracking part)

For their online protection, the app IM tracking of Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, and Line. So you get access to their call logs, conversations, photos, video, and audio shared on these apps.

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Outdoor Protection through GPS Tracking
You don’t need smart bands, or other wearable techs to keep a track of your kids’ location if they are carrying a smartphone with them. Trackmyfone uses the built-in GPS of your Android device to monitor the real-time location of your kids. It also provides Geofencing to ensure that the target user stays within a geographical boundary.
Trackmyfone Android monitoring comes with a very affordable price tag, starting as low as $7.49/month.

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