Watch Torrent Movies/Videos Online Without Downloading

Movies and music are stress-busters, most of us enjoy watching movies online for free while some prefer to download movies for free. Torrent is the best source to download movies/videos for free, however, downloading movies/videos using a Torrent can be a difficult job for many. Did you know, you can watch Torrent movies/videos without downloading?

You can watch Torrent movies without downloading using a media player named, ROX Player which has support for all common video and audio formats. ROX Player is available for a free download for both Windows and Mac users.

Steps To Watch Torrent Movies Online Without Downloading 

First of all , you will have to head over to the official website of ROX Player and install ROX Player on your PC.

Now, select “File” Menu on ROX Player on your PC and then navigate to ” Open.torrent” option.

In Torrent option you will find three options – .torrent file, .torrent URL and .torrent Magnetic Link. Select “.torrent Magnetic Link”.

watch Torrent movies without downloading


Once, you have clicked on “.torrent Magnetic Link” you will get a prompt to specify the Magnetic Link.

watch Torrent movies without downloading.1

Go to any Torrent site like and get the Magnetic Link by visiting any movie or video torrent as shown in the image below.

watch movies without download in torrents

Watch TV Without Actually Owning a TV

Copy and paste the Magnetic Link on ROX Player mentioned in the earlier step.

Select the movie file in the torrent.

Voila, ROX Player will start playing the torrent media file without downloading.

Do you download Torrent movies? Try to watch Torrent movies without downloading by going through the above mentioned step-by-step guide.







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