Boot Android Into Safe Mode To Troubleshoot Problems


Booting Android into Safe Mode can help you to troubleshoot a lot of issues on your device. Sometimes, with time your Android may start acting weird- the device may start loading slow, the device may shut down abruptly, battery life issues, apps crashing or device gets infected with malware.

You must be aware of the safe mode of Windows where you can solve software related issues by booting Windows into Safe Mode. If you are unaware your Android also has Safe Mode feature, here’s how to boot Android into Safe Mode.


The Safe Mode in Android similar to the Safe Mode in Windows, it won’t load third party apps.

Steps To Protect Your Android Device

Boot Android Into Safe Mode To Troubleshoot Problems

Follow these steps to boot Android into Safe Mode:

1. Hold down the Power button on Android until the option to “Power off” appears.

Safe Mode Adroid



2. Now, press the Power Off option until you get a prompt if you want to reboot your Android device into safe mode. Tap on “OK”.


3. Your device will be now in Safe Mode. Safe Mode will be written on the bottom left your device screen.

Safe Mode Screen

When in Safe Mode you will be able to use only those apps which has come pre-installed with the device, no third party apps or the apps which you have installed will be disabled.

Use your Android normally in Safe Mode to see the issues which you were experiencing like- battery life issues, device loading slow, device may shut down abruptly, apps crashing or device gets infected with malware have got resolved. Most of the time the culprit is the third-party apps. Uninstall the apps which are creating issues by tapping on the “Uninstall” button.

To exit Safe Mode, power down your phone by pressing and holding the Power button to turn it back on.

Boot Android into Safe Mode (Older Version Android 4.0 and older)

Turn your phone off.

Turn on your device by pressing the Power button and press and hold the Volume Up and the Volume Down buttons simultaneously.

Reboot Android to exit Safe Mode.


This is how you boot Android into Safe Mode to troubleshoot problems easily.

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