Disable WhatsApp calls using Disable WhatsApp Calls App

Whatsapp Call feature was recently introduced for smartphones. However, many users find Whatsapp Call feature quite annoying and irritating!

WhatsApp users can now disable or turn off irritating and annoying WhatsApp calls on Android smartphones by installing the Disable WhatsApp Calls app from the Google Play Store.

Disable WhatsApp calls using Disable WhatsApp Calls App

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“Disable Whatsapp Calls” app is for users who prefer normal calls over the WhatsApp calls. You must be aware that Whatspp Call requires a good Internet connection, preferably 3G or WiFi. It is better for those users who are not having a good Internet connection.

With just a click and you can either enable or disable the function from the Settings menu of your Android. The app is now in beta stage, hence there are few bugs.

The app works for Android devices which are running Android 4.4 and higher versions. The app currently supports English, Italian, Portuguese and Hebrew.

The app is currently in beta stage, hence, there may be bugs and issues. However, Whatapp users who are not too happy with Whatsapp Calling feature can go ahead and download Disable Whatsapp Calls app from Google Play.


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