Best Whatsapp Tricks and Tips to Enhance User Experience


Whatsapp is the best instant messaging app for iOS and Android devices. You can call, chat, send message/video and photos to your friends and family. We will be going through some tips and tricks for your WhatsApp Account.

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Whatsapp tips and tricks

1. How to Hide Your Last Seen In Whatsapp: Whatsapp has many cool features, however, the most annoying feature is “last seen”. Hide “last seen” feature by following below mentioned steps.

Hide WhatsApp Last Seen on Android

Download WhatsApp Hide LastSeen app from Google Play here.

Launch the app and click on “Block last Seen”.

You are done. You have hidden last seen in Whatsapp.

How does the app works

The app once launched disables your data connection when you open your Whatsapp Account. When you open to read or send any message the server is not able to update your last seen.

When you exit Whatspp the data connection becomes active and your messages will be send without updating last seen status.

Manual method to hide last seen in Android

Disable WiFi or data network in your device.

Open WhatsApp, read and send messages.

Close WhatsApp and then enable WiFi or data network. Your messages will be sent without updating your last seen status.

Hide WhatsApp Last Seen on iPhone

Hiding the last seen on iOS device is easy. WhatsApp for iPhone has a feature which lets you hide to your last seen without installing any other app.

For iOS users:

Launch “WhatsApp” >> “Settings” >> “Advanced” >> “Last Seen Timestamp” and turn it off.


2. Use Whatsapp without using your Phone number

Use Whatsapp without using your Phone number using a trick. Go through the steps mentioned below-

Download and install Whatsapp on your device.

Once you through with downloading Whatsapp, you will get a prompt to you to verify your phone number and it will send verification message to its servers to register your phone number.

Now you will have to block Whatsapp to send the verification message to its servers by putting your device in Airplane mode.

Alternatively, WhatsApp will ask you to verify through SMS and fill in your email address. Click on “send” the SMS and immediately click on “cancel” to terminate the call authorization process.

You will now have have to spoof that message. You can do this by using this link for Android.

Once spoofing of message is done. You will receive messages on your spoofed number on your device. Chat with your friends using Whatsapp with the spoofed number.

3. Stop Automatic Media Download

Control automatic media download from the WhatsApp itself. Go to Settings >> Chat Settings >> Media auto-download >> Check the options “When using mobile data”, “When connected on WiFi” and “When roaming” one by one.

4. Creating a Fake Conversation Play prank on your friends for fun. Use whatssaid app to fake conversation with your friends. This is just for fun only, don’t play with the life of others.

5. Lock Whatsapp with Password Lock your Whatsapp with password. Android users can install “Whatsapp Lock for Android” app from Google Play to lock to provide privacy to your Whatsapp messages.

6. Use multiple Whatsapp on device You can maintain multiple whatsapp account by a single rooted phone using switchme multiple accounts app.

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Hoping that you have enjoyed Whatsapp Tricks and Tips!

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