Best Web Browsers For Mac Which Will Make You Dump Safari

Web browsing is one of the most important tasks in today’s life. People use the Internet to perform various day to day activities which includes watching movies online, playing games online, chatting with strangers, listening music online and much more.

To browse the web you not only require a good internet speed but also your web browser should be fast and reliable. There are numerous web browsers for PC, if you are on Mac then things will be different. For Mac users, Safari is the default web browser. However, there are other Mac web browsers which are faster than the Safari. Listed below are some of the best Web browsers for Mac. Don’t forget to install Antivirus App on Mac.

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Looking For A Safari Alternative? Try These Web Browsers On Your Mac

1. Chrome

Google Chrome is one of the best and fast web browsers not only for Windows but also for Mac. Chrome is simple, secure as it comes with built-in malware protection. It has support for various apps, themes, and extensions which make it one of the most popular browser.

2. Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is an open-source fast and secure browser with a user-friendly interface. Various features of Firefox includes blocking of annoying popups and availability of various extensions and add-ons. Privacy of users is assured on Firefox. If you never tried Firefox, go ahead and install Firefox on your Mac to enjoy your browsing experience.

3. Opera

Opera browser may not be as popular as Safari, Chrome, and other browsers, web pages but the latest version of Opera browser is fast, powerful with easy navigation. The Speed Dial feature lets you access your web pages in one click.The Opera browser also has ‘Opera Turbo’ feature which compresses data and makes web browsing fast.

4. Maxthon

Maxthon browser is simple and with Maxthon Passport account, Mac users can easily sync data across other devices. It has Cloud Push, My Cloud Tabs, Cloud Download and Cloud Share feature which part of Cloud Services. Cloud Push feature lets you to push browsed website to online cloud account and then to a device. Refresh or Close Tab easily using mouse gestures.

5. OmniWeb Browser

OmniWeb for Mac comes with features which includes easy thumbnail of recently visited websites, supports ad-blocking, plug-ins and handles your RSS news feeds. The browser has “workspaces” which is a unique feature for users which takes care of various browsing tasks. If you are not satisfied with your current browser then you should give OmniWeb browser a try.

6. Fake

Fake is a new web browser for Mac from the developers behind Fluid making web automation simple. The browser is a boon for developers enabling them to automate test their webapps, error handlers and much more. Users will have to simply drag and drop action onto a provided graphical workflow. The workflow created can be easily saved, reopened, and shared.

7. Torch Browser

Torch browser is a popular Chromium-based web browser with amazing features. The browser is one of the most popular browser for Mac which supports drag and drop of links or photos, games, Torch music, torrent support, video downloading and more. The browser lets you to redesign your Facebook as per your choice by changing backgrounds, colors and more.

These are some of the best web browsers for Mac. Feel free to comment below with your favorite browser for Mac which is faster than Safari!

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